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Queen City Rugby Football Club is dedicated to playing competitive rugby while maintaining the social spirit of the game.
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Queen City Rugby Club has a long history of success in athletics, player development, and community outreach since our inception in 1974. We feel it is important as a non-profit organization to re-affirm our values as an organization in a public forum. Queen City is a diverse all-inclusive rugby club with a focus of personal growth, stewardship and providing a positive environment for all members of our organization. Out focus has, and will continue to be, fostering an inclusive environment for young men to develop into better athletes and most importantly human beings. We stand firmly by these values and expect our players and club representatives to honor and abide by them.

If you are interested in joining Queen City. Send an email to joinqueencity@gmail.com with your contact information so we can contact you and give you further details.  

To schedule a match, contact our club Secretary at RFCQueenCity@gmail.com.