About The Club

Queen City Rugby Football Club was conceived by Ron Creager and Greg Seals in a Mount Adams bar during the Winter of 1973-74.  Over that winter Ron was very busy recruiting for the new club and has since admitted to twisting the truth a bit about how many players had actually "signed up."  He was so successful that the four players who attended the first practice session of the 1974 Spring Season thought they would have their work cut out for them just to make the "C" side! However, once these four realized they were the basis of the first XV they sustained their hopes of a junior team in Cincinnati with six weeks of two-a-side training games.  With the help of a fictitious newspaper article and some luck, a contingent of seasoned transients and curious rookies made up the First XV and the Green and White was born.
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From that inauspicious beginning QCRFC grew steadily throughout the 70's and 80's. The club was strengthened considerably when players from the defunct Westside RFC (another Cincinnati junior side) joined the fold in the mid-eighties.  During the late 80's QCRFC won the Ohio Junior Cup twice and finished third in the 1989 Midwest Junior Cup.  The team also experienced success in the 90's with appearances in the Midwest Tournament in 1993,1994, and 1995, and became the first team to win the newly established Southern Ohio Div. II Rugby league in 1994. With the restructuring of the Midwest Union to 3 divisions, QCRFC elected to stay in the newly developed and much more competitive Division II. QCRFC struggled early, 
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 fighting through personnel turnover in an increasingly competitive environment. Thing began to turn around as the club entered the new millennium, progressing to regular appearances in the Midwest Div. II championships, culminating in a top 8 Midwest ranking in 2004.  The last couple of years has seen some regression due to a series of player promotions to Div. I and retirements of experienced players.  This has led to QCRFC being moved back down to Div. III for 2007, playing in the Southern Division.  However, the new, young squad has gained a tremendous amount of experience, which should help QCRFC move back to the upper levels of Midwest Rugby in a short period of time.