Tour History

Rugby tours have always been very close to the hearts of Queen City players.  In fact, by 1975 the club was already playing on foreign soil (OK, Windsor, Canada isn't exactly overseas but you have to start somewhere...).  In the late 70's the infamous "Williebago Tours" (named after Willie Landrigan, who would rent the Winnebago and rely on contacts with Princeton alumni lawyers to keep the team out of jail) began with five consecutive trips to the Mardi Gras Tournament in New Orleans. There is still much debate as to whether QCRFC actually put 15 players on a field or just went from bar to bar on Bourbon St.  The first August jaunt to the Atlantic Cup in Rehoboth Beach was also made in the 70's.
Finally, after hosting two Irish touring sides (University College of Dublin and Aer Lingus RFC), QCRFC took the plunge to go overseas in 1989, when a party of 19 players toured the Emerald Isle.  This was a highly successful event, with the team returning to the U.S. with 3 wins and 1 loss.  Australia was undertaken by a small QCRFC touring party in 1992.  While this tour was immensely successful off the field, the opposition was considerable stronger than faced in Ireland and we returned home winless.  QCRFC then rebounded with a highly successful England tour in 1993, hosted by Rolls Royce RFC of Derby (whom QCRFC hosted on their 1992 US Tour).  35 players made the tour, which saw the QCRFC "A" side come away with a 2-1-1 record.  In 1995, QCRFC returned to Ireland in 1995 and again posted a 3-1 record.  Wales was next, where a small, undermanned touring side of 18 players posted an 0-3 record vs. strong Welsh competition.  The next tour was in 2000, when a stronger QCRFC side invaded Spain, posting a 2-2 record.  After a few years off, QCRFC leapt back into touring mode with a domestic tour of Texas. Playing clubs in Corpus Christi and Houston, QCRFC managed to post a 1-2 record.
QCRFC returned to the role of host in the Spring of 2004, playing host to Usk RFC from Usk, Wales.  The clubs played to an 18-18 tie, and shared some great times (details withheld to protect the innocent) off the pitch.  The latest tour was just completed in August of 2007 as a new generation of QCRFC players (along with a few grizzled veterans) made the foray south of the border to Costa Rica, posting a 1-2 record.  And earlier in 2016 QCRFC made the trek north for a Canadian tour.
So for those of you in foreign lands, regardless of location, keep an eye out for us.  You never know when or where we’ll show up…